Aldera Resort
San Bernardino Paraguay

Aldera Resort
San Bernardino Paraguay

The highlights at a glance:

the total area of more than 1,600 hectares (that’s more than 16 million square meters) is framed by a kind of city wall and extensive planting, which enhances the exclusive character of the development, but also its security requirements. While about 800 hectares are earmarked for parcelling into residential plots of between 1,000 and 2,500 m2, including their access, driveways, roads and paths, another 800 hectares are available for for parks, sports facilities and nature reserves.
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Why invest in Aldera Resort Paraguay?

Own use - plot for living

Living in one of the most beautiful residential complexes in South America, nestled in the middle of untouched nature, but only 20 minutes by car from the big city of Asunción and a few minutes from Luque and San Bernardino. Maximum security and every imaginable comfort for you and your family - the ideal home.

Own use and partial renting

Use the apartment yourself for a few weeks or months a year - and rent out your home the rest of the year. Take care of the rental yourself or let us help you with the internal management company of Aldera Resort. Ideal for foreigners who only want to spend part of the year in Paraguay, but want to benefit from rental income on a regular basis.

Long term rental

The residential complex is in an excellent location, just a few minutes from the elegant city of San Bernardino and a few minutes from Asunción's largest suburb, Luque. The capital city of Asunción is about 20-25 minutes away by car - ideal for a good rental income (single family home or duplex).

Landbanking (land investments)

Land prices are rising steadily, worldwide as well as in Paraguay. There is an increasing shortage of housing, especially in the metropolitan areas of large cities Asuncion and Luque. Aldera Resort land therefore offers significant appreciation potential!

Prices & payment methods

The prices of the plots depend very much on their size and location.
Prices range from US$ 85.00 to US$ 350.00 per m².
The purchase price can be paid in up to four equal installments without interest.
We also offer financing plans of up to 10 years (with interest).
There is NO obligation to build on the land.
The construction projects will be realized only with/through Aldera Constructora.

Aldera Resort Paraguay

"Living in the most beautiful gated community in South America".