Questions & Answers

Note: The following statements are of a purely informative nature.
The provisions of the purchase contract and the usage regulations apply

What is the timeline for this project? When is the resort scheduled to be completed?

We expect that the detailed planning will take 8-10 months (this work has already begun). Then the construction phase gets underway - the large lagoon and golf course will be developed in early 2024, as both have a major impact on surrounding development. Shortly thereafter, the other sports facilities and the parks will be expanded. This, among other things, so that newly planted trees can already grow while we develop the residential area.

In parallel, we are already developing the large avenue at the beginning, which is virtually the boundary between the parking area and the residential area, also to facilitate access for construction machinery and trucks.

Residential development will occur from north to south. We expect this to start at the beginning of 2025. It is also possible to build on the land beforehand, but then a temporary connection would have to be laid, which would have to be billed separately (the amount of these costs depends heavily on the respective location of the land).

It is developed in three sections.

Status: May 2023

Which properties are more quiet and close to nature?

The plots within the green mark (approximate mark) are "pure nature". On these also only 15% of the plot may be built on (300 of 2,000 m2). The house is virtually inserted into the forest here.

Otherwise, the red section above (approximate marker) is also very quiet and embedded in nature.

A typical example from Brazil of what the houses in the green marked area might look like:

So especially sections 139 to 207 (all large plots from 2,000 m2) are pure nature and embedded in the forest.

The plots in the red area are all a bit higher and very quiet, but then you are a bit far away from the lagoon. The plots between the green area and the lagoon are also slightly higher and particularly quiet.

Generally, excessive noise is not expected throughout the facility. At most, it could get a bit "loud and lively" around the lagoon when residents use the beach while listening to music.

Will there be disruptive aircraft noise?

The nearest major airport is in Asunción. No noise will be heard from this airport. The only aircraft noise might come from the private planes that occasionally land. Since the runway is lined by several rows of trees and is deliberately located at the edge of the facility, you will notice very little to nothing of it.

What is the topography of the site?

Overall very flat, with hardly any slope (towards the road). Only the sections with the large plots (from 2,000 m2) are elevated; a kind of hill.

So the lots in sections 139 through 207 are a little higher, and the rest of the lots are fairly level and straight.

Is the development of the land included in the purchase price?

Yes, all costs for the development of a plot of land are included in the purchase price. This also includes water, electricity, sewage and internet, if applicable.

How is heating provided in Aldera, should it ever be necessary?

In Paraguay, there is usually no heating or very little. It is then common to use the heating function of the air conditioners for this purpose. This is a good idea because Paraguay gets very cheap electricity from hydropower.

Will there be a settlement mechanism for foreigners to handle ongoing apportionments in a straightforward manner? Does it make sense to set up a separate account in Paraguay for this purpose?

Setting up an account as the owner of the cédula is possible in principle, although no longer quite so simple. Some banks insist on domestic income, others do not.
For incidental expenses, there will be a corresponding account into which one can pay and from which one will then be billed.

The lots in Sections 139 - 207 are consistently larger than the other lots. Why is that?

In these areas there is a very dense, beautiful tree population. Moreover, these plots are located on a hill. We want to preserve this natural character, so there is a building restriction here of about 15% of the property. However, since the plots in these areas all have at least 2,000 m2 and two-story buildings are possible, up to 600 m2 of living space can easily be realized. Swimming pool, garage or a small shed can be built in addition to the 15% building area.

When does the notarial transfer of the land take place and how can I speed up this process?

Already after the first down payment you are the owner of the property. If a transfer (rewrite) is to be made prior to full payment, the outstanding balance shall remain secured by mortgage. Because as soon as 50% of the total purchase price has been received, one has a right to transfer according to Paraguayan law. It is possible to deliver 50% of the purchase price at once, in order to initiate the transfer directly. However, as a precaution, we would like to point out that the issuance of the state land title takes some time. However, with the notary contract you already become the owner.

Can the purchase process be done entirely through Aldera?

We offer the processing as a complete service and are flexible in the selection of the notary if you insist on a particular notary. Otherwise, we handle everything completely. The "all-round carefree package", so to speak.

Components of land acquisition include:

  • Selection of the notary
  • Negotiation of the certification fee
  • Notarization
  • any notifications to authorities
  • etc.

How can I resell the land if I don't put a house on it?

We can offer land for sale again on your behalf at any time. Detailed information about this service will follow.

Are special payments also possible if I have chosen installment purchase?

Yes, you can do that at any time.

Can I still sell land during my financing?

Yes, the property can be resold at any time, regardless of financing. More details to be announced.

Are reservations possible?

Yes, reservations of plots are possible. Please contact us if you are seriously interested.

Is the plot plan in order?

Yes, it is. The runway has an exact north-south orientation because the wind usually comes from the south.

Which properties have a direct view of the park, lagoon or golf course?

Only the directly adjacent peripheral properties have a direct view of the complex, which is reflected in the purchase price. From these plots you also have direct access to the respective facilities.
Residents of all other properties have access through the "public" entrances. However, with a golf cart, electric scooter or even on foot, reaching the recreation and sports facility is uncomplicated and fast. Generally, the closer the path to the plant, the more expensive the land.

If you live in the second row, east of Avenida A, you may still have a view with a 2-story house.

The height of the building is limited to 9m. Would it be possible to build a 3-story house under these conditions?

Rather not - there should be two floors (ground floor and 1st floor), the 9 meters come from roof gables; but it may depend on where the plot is.

Is it possible to build 3 small row houses on a small plot of land 20 m wide?

3 houses on one plot are possible.

What are the main construction restrictions?

The max. Height of the buildings are 9 meters (depending on the type of house).

In addition, a certain distance from the property line must be maintained. Thus, the house may not be placed exactly on the border. However, fences, hedges, etc. may be placed on the boundary. Also a parking lot, front garden, etc. The exact distances are determined by the use regulations, it is usually 2-3 meters from the boundary to the house.

What is the status of approvals and where are there still risks here?

The conversion to building land is definite and fixed (this is done by law and cannot be changed). Further approvals are no longer necessary per se, only certain registrations have to be made, which has already been done in some cases.

Electricity is already available on the premises and the important main line runs right past the entrance, so extensions are no problem. We will provide water ourselves - as Ecovita does - as do many other housing projects in Paraguay. We are having the sewage system built by one of the largest construction companies in Paraguay, and a preliminary project is already in place.

Access to the site is not a problem, as it connects directly to the Eco highway "Luque-San Bernardino" for about 2 km. Internal paths and roads we create. In this sense, we do not see any further risks.

Are there any known natural barriers? (slopes, ponds, streams, trees, etc.)

On the left edge (i.e., west on the map), a stream runs through the site, but this affects the park, not the residential area. Also in the park area there is a pond that we would like to enlarge. The site has very few trees, but many palm trees (which may be cut down without further ado, if the owner wishes).

In what condition are the plots sold? Are the properties possibly still forested?

Only the very large plots on the eastern edge of the site are forested; here, too, only about 15% of the respective plot may be built on. Whereby swimming pool, garage, etc. are counted extra. That is precisely why we have made these plots much larger. The forest should be preserved here.

Otherwise, there are very few trees on the site, so on the western, left half of the property (100 acres), we will plant a lot of trees ourselves to create parkland.

The plots are developed by us. In the case of construction, only connection fees are incurred, which are negligible in terms of amount. We do not clear the land, as we would like to leave this decision to the respective buyer. If trees are to be cut down, we will be happy to do so at no additional charge.

There will be no soil survey per property for understandable reasons. What can I learn about this to minimize my risk?

The terrain is rural, overall very flat, nestled in unspoiled nature. The small town of San Bernardino is about 8 km away. No risks are to be expected here with regard to soil properties and suitability for construction.

Where on the site will other infrastructure and facilities be located?

The supermarket as well as other shopping facilities will be located at the very bottom (south), near the expressway. We will place a nursery and possibly an elementary school on one of the large special plots rather in the middle of the complex (optimization of safety and distance).

Will there be other access points besides the main driveway?

The main access road will face the expressway (south on the site). There is only one large access road, this increases the safety aspect. However, there will be additional exit points at various locations to provide a type of "emergency exit." However, these can only be opened in special cases.

When do you expect to sell off all the lots?

The residential complex has a total of 4,870 plots. We market them in Paraguay, but also in neighboring countries (there is a strong influx of people from neighboring countries at the moment), in the USA and Europe. In Paraguay, there is a shortage of about 1 million apartments, so we definitely find the need. We expect to dispose of the properties over a five-year period, but through strategic alliances it may be possible to do so more quickly.

Are there building windows (=areas within a property that may be built on)?

No, only the distance specifications must be observed.

Are the house types specified?

In this project we specify house types (10-12 are planned), this includes semi-detached and terraced houses (very popular in Paraguay for renting). From the tranquil country house to the luxury villa, everything is there. The goal is to ensure a harmonious development, in terms of appearance, but also in terms of safety standards and construction quality. Aldera project company is responsible for the construction of the house. In this way, we ensure a harmonious development in terms of appearance, safety and quality standards.

If none of the offered house samples is convincing, we can make modifications up to new planning (small surcharge) through our in-house team of architects. Since we ourselves (or selected partner companies) provide the construction services, there will be no problems with interpretation or compliance with internal building regulations. In terms of price, we are extremely competitive! Our prices are oriented to the lower edge of the relevant comparison scale.

Do building permits need to be coordinated with the Aldera administration?

External building permits (e.g. from the municipality) are not required as Aldera Resort is a gated community that is globally permitted. Since Aldera itself designs and builds the houses, coordination regarding building specifications is implicit.

Is it possible to build beyond property lines, provided you own the land in question?

Yes, this is possible without further ado. For example, a townhouse over 2 lots.

It is not necessary to merge the properties in the process.

Would it be possible to divide large plots of land provided that the required 1,000m² is not exceeded?

Theoretically, this would be possible at a later date, but this is a relatively costly, lengthy procedure with the Paraguayan authorities.

Where can I learn more about rental models and returns in Paraguay? What type of houses or apartments are in demand?

There are some internet portals dealing with real estate, e.g. or also The Internet certainly offers some clues. People who rent houses like to take duplexes or townhomes (as they tend to be cheaper), mostly looking for 2-3 bedrooms. The market for properties with rents between US$500 to US$1,500 is very broad and very strong.

The location on the main road and rotundas is priced higher, which seems strange at first from a European perspective (through traffic). Is this based on past experience or is this just an assumption

Since Aldera Resort is a gated community, road traffic is limited to residents. All streets will be traffic-calmed. Visually, a house on the main avenue, which is about 25 meters wide, or in front of a rotunda (in the center of which there will be visual elements such as a fountain, an island of flowers or sculptures) is more imposing and, from the point of view of the inhabitants of the house, more generous.

Which land orientation is most in demand?

Paraguayans or South Americans like the sun, so gardens and swimming pools like to face north (where the sun is in the afternoon). However, the European view may be different.

Any tips regarding the orientation of a garden?

Many put the house behind the garden facing the street, this increases privacy, however in Paraguay you would have sun at pretty much any orientation. Asunción and San Bernardino are almost exactly on the southern tropic of the sun, so you have the sun in the north in the afternoon, but very high up. If you want to avoid sunlight as much as possible, you would orient the garden to the south so that the house blocks the sun in the afternoon. If you orient houses parallel to the main avenue, then you have ideal sunlight in the garden (by the pool).

How flexible may I be in setting the rent when renting out my property?

Each owner can set the rent as desired, there are no external guidelines. Rentals through portals such as Airbnb are also possible.

How high are ongoing and special ancillary costs?

Incidental costs would be real-as in Germany and other countries. Due to the high number of houses, we expect monthly utility costs to be well below US$ 100 (more towards US$ 50), but from today's perspective this can only be roughly estimated. Typical utility costs should cover payment of security, service and cleaning personnel, lighting of common areas, park maintenance (including golf course), and taxes on common areas; these costs tend to be low in Paraguay.

What happens to my money in the reserve fund if I ever sell?

This amount would be reimbursed, similar to Germany, after settlement of the relevant period, the new owner would then be responsible. This does not need to be built into a purchase agreement separately.

Can I not have my own parking space on my property?

On your own property, you can create as many parking spaces as you want.

Parking regulation 15.1.2 sounds unpleasant and smells of more additional costs.

This regulation is about parking spaces outside your own property. These may be useful and necessary when there is an increased number of visitors (e.g., birthday parties, weddings, etc.), but they should not be misunderstood as campgrounds or campsites. Costs arise here only if you want to use permanent parking spaces outside your own property exclusively.

Can I rent/sublet my property when I am not there and what are the costs for management and maintenance?

Yes - we offer management and maintenance as a separate service, this would include taking on rentals on behalf. The exact price of care is difficult to quantify from today's perspective (however, since there is no weather in Paraguay, care is affordable). Fees for taking over the rental in Paraguay are between 10 and 20% of the rental income (this depends on whether the tendency is to rent more long term or short term).

Is there a possibility to visit the site?

Yes, but please with announcement. We are happy to receive interested parties in our main house.